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Lasting Power of Attorney

Health and Welfare LPA

If you've followed a link to this page you may want to start at the beginning with Lasting Power of Attorney - Introduction.

Will Provider are Derby Lasting Power of Attorney Specialists, we are currently running an in depth series on Lasting Power of Attorneys and how it can be of benefit to you.

So hopefully by now you've viewed the information for creating the Property and Financial Lasting Power of Attorney Document, so we're going to move onto the Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare document and conditions that you can place inside your LPA document to guide your appointed attorneys.

In this section Will Provider covers Lasting Power of Attorney - Health and Welfare LPA

Lasting Power of Atorney Derby guide

This guide has been broken down into sections, we cover:

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Let's look at the Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in more detail.

Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney document is perhaps the lesser appreciated of the LPA documents that you can put in place

Many of us are now aware of the importance of the LPA for Property and Financial affairs but seeing the advantages of a Health and Welfare LPA document requires us to think about the absolute worse scenarios, which nobody likes to do or we assume that somebody would automatically be allowed to make a decision about your health which is not always the case.

The Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare document allows the Attorney to make the decision for you. Unlike the Property and Financial affairs LPA the Health and Welfare LPA can only be used if you have lost capacity.

The Health and Welfare LPA document will allow your Attorneys to make decisions on your behalf on all of your Health and Welfare decisions such as:

lpa derby Make decisions about your day to day life:

Who prepares your meals, set dietary requirements must be followed.
What you wear
Decide who is allowed to visit you

derby lasting power of attorney Make decisions regarding your medical care and treatment

Deciding whether to consent or refuse life-sustaining treatment such as being resuscitated can be given to your Attorney for certain scenarios.

GP Doctors are now capable of taking "Do not resuscitate" instructions, however it's unlikely at the stage of writing an LPA for Health and Welfare that you would want to issue this order, but it is vitally important to talk to your Attorneys and put in the LPA what you would wish to happen
You may have put a Health and Welfare LPA into place after being diagnosed with a medical condition and then receive another medical diagnosis pertaining to your health after losing capacity, your Attorneys will be able to decide whether treatment is the best option or whether it will place unneccessary stress on you

derby lasting power of attorney You may wish to stay at home for as long as possible, your attorney can ensure the care you receive meets your wishes, whether that is in your own home or if that eventually requires finding a residential or nursing care home ensuring that it meets with your wishes and expectations.

These are just some examples of what an Attorney’s will be able to do.

It is difficult to have these conversations with your family, or perhaps even think about them but doing so means everybody is aware of your wishes and it offers them a bit of solid assurance that they are carrying out your wishes. It gives you the reassurance knowing that if the worst does happen, you have chosen the person, or people you trust and given them the authorisation to make decisions for you without the hindrance of red-tape.

What happens if you don't have a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney in place?

Only your legal next of kin would make decisions about resuscitation, and life sustaining treatment.
Social Services may become involved in decisions as to where you live and what care you require taking control away from you and your family – in some cases Social Services may apply to take control through the courts if a Lasting Power of Attorney hasn’t already been registered.
Social Services can decide where you should live, your family may find it difficult to visit.

Having a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney document means you are installing a layer of protection for yourself and your family after you have lost mental capacity to make your own decisions. It’s ensuring that things go the way you would have wanted them to if you were able to make the decisions for yourself.

It is a powerful document that restores control to yourself and your family or friends in a difficult stage of your life and returning simple decisions that you may have made yourself to the people who know you best.

Social Services may decide where you live even if your family disagrees or finds it difficult to visit the place Social Services choose, but with a Lasting Power of Attorney in place the decision returns to who you have chosen to represent your wishes, without this important document in place decisions are made by strangers who do not know you.

For a guide on what Attorneys must do, and must not do and some general principles that they must follow give our Choosing Attorneys page a read.

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