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Will Writing Derby

Professional Will Writing

Lasting Power of Attorney specialists

Will Provider offers a wide range of services from drafting and creating a simple will to inheritance tax planning.
The cost of making a will in Derby varies, Will Provider set standard fixed fees to make the price of writing a will simple and easy to understand.
The advice our consultants give and the documents drafted are covered by professional indemnity insurance

Derby Will Writer

Making a Will is a crucial step that everybody should take in their life.

It's worth taking the time to put your Will in place.

Derby Will Writing Specialists

Using Trusts inside your Will

Trusts inside Wills are often used to protect property. They’re not always a necessary addition, however if you stipulate a sect of actions must happen then it may be best to protect that decision with a will trust.

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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs)

LPA documents are important to set up so you can have the help and support of people you trust available to you if you aren’t able to carry out your decisions, or lose mental capacity.

Free LPA guide

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves looking at the bigger picture by involving the personal goals when writing a will – whether this is providing for a spouse, children or step-children, grandchildren.

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Secure Will Storage

Enjoy the benefits of knowing your Will or LPA documents are secured safely until the time comes when they're needed.

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Let us help you make a will

We understand making decisions that will out-live you isn’t a nice thought, but we know these are the best decisions you can make to ensure things pan out exactly as you want.

Derby Wills,Lasting Power Of Attorney Specialists

Helping you make a will and plan for the future with the specialist guidance of Lasting Power of Attorneys we make the process tailored to you.

Tell us what matters to you,
We'll show you the way to secure it

A will is a collection of the most powerful decisions you’ll ever make, so why shouldn’t you expect to be guided through every part of the process like it matters? Because it does matter.

As Derby Will Writers we’re committed to you from the very initial contact, whether you call, leave a message, or request a call back, through to the first meeting and finally the signing of the will. We won’t leave you on your own at the most decisive point of whether a will is valid or not – the witnessing of the will being signed.

Find out more about our approach to Will Writing and what you can expect from Will Provider if you choose to use any of our services, or read about why Will Provider was formed and learn a little bit more about our business practices, and our promise to you as a customer.

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Derby will writer
Will Provider

Derby Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney Specialists

Will Provider are a Derby based Professional Will writing company.

We offer professionally drafted Wills in Derby with the high-quality service supported by comprehensive but straight-forward advice to help you write your Will to meet your needs.
We are also Derby Lasting Power of Attorney Specialists.

Whether you want to make a Will for the first time, or update a Will, or would like a previously drafted Will checked we have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process.

When choosing Will Provider, you can be assured we see you as a person, not a package. We won’t force you into directions you don’t need or want, we won’t fit you into a package.

We work simply
“You tell us what matters to you”
“We will advise you how to secure it, or make it happen.”

Find out more about our comprehensive approach to professional will writing

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Write your Will with our Fixed fee price guarantee
The cost of making a will:
Basic Single Will
Joint Mirror Will

Will Provider - Derby Wills

What happens when you can no longer make decisions for yourself?

Lasting Power of Attorney can restore control quickly; it helps the people who are helping you.

Derby Lasting Power of Attorney Specialists

In some circumstances all that you need is a Professional written legal Will, but Will Provider advise you to have a little more control over the future.

It can be comforting to know that if for whatever reason you are unable to make a decision for yourself in the future, a person you have already chosen will be able to act in your best interest.

Will Provider; Derbyshire based Will writing company can also advice you regarding Legal Power of Attorneys

In England & Wales there are two separate types of Lasting Power of Attorneys.

Lasting Power of Attorney documents are often referred to as an LPA, or LPAs

Below is a brief break down of their individual benefits.
Will Provider have created a free LPA guide which covers Lasting Power of Attorney documents in greater detail.

Property And Finance LPA

  Managing bank accounts and investments.

  Paying current and on-going bills such as gas and electric, utility bills.

  Buying and selling property

  Arranging repairs to property.

Derby LPA Specialists

  Derby Lasting Power of Attorney Specialists

Let us help you

Make a Will

Make a Lasting Power of Attorney document

How we can help

01332 410044

Health And Welfare LPA

  Decisions regarding your medical care, your diet and nutritional needs.

  What kind and level of care you receive.

  Where you should live.

  Day to day social and leisure activites

Why make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Anyone over the age of 18 who has the mental ability to make decisions for themselves can arrange for someone else to make these decisions for them in the future.

If a situation arises where you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself and you haven’t already filled in the Power of Attorney forms your love ones will need to apply through the courts to become a deputy.

You can only set up a Lasting Power of Attorney when you have mental capacity.
Once you've lost capacity,
it's too late.

Changing what is a simple cost-saving process of creating a Lasting Power of Attorney before it’s needed into a stressful, long and expensive process at the worst possible time.

Many people now realise they can complete a Lasting Power of Attorney for themselves, but a lot of people find the forms increasingly complex and complicated as a template form doesn’t fit the needs of everybody.

Find out more out about creating Lasting Power of Attorney documents with Will Providers free Lasting Power of Attorney guide

Will Provider offers a competitively priced Lasting Power of Attorneys – Use our experience to improve your experience.

Will Provider Derby Will Writers. We are based in the centre of Derby, we draft and create Wills and legal documents for the whole of Derby & Derbyshire.

Will Provider offers a ground-breaking and fresh approach to creating Wills and legal documents.

Will Provider

Will Provider

was formed to provide easy access to good, upfront and honest estate planning advice and legal services.

Our aim is to help people make their wills and Lasting Power of Attorney documents, thereby putting their estates in order easily and conveniently with fixed pricing and a guarantee that there will never be any surprise extra costs.

The legal world can be a very intimidating place

and it can leave some people nervous and unsure what they really need or what action to take and so they do nothing.

We guarantee that we will take the time to understand what you want and then provide good honest and clear advice on how to achieve it, we will even document our advice in a written report that is yours to keep.

Our open and upfront approach will always put you in control and allow you to make the right decisions for you and your family.

We guarantee that you will never be put under any pressure to buy or do anything that you do not want to.

Our consultants don’t have sales targets or sales performance standards to achieve but are instead measured on customer service and advice standards.

We have over twenty years’ experience from within the financial and legal service sector

Providing good quality advice along with excellent customer service to all of our customers.

We are happy to visit you in your own home or work place

We will endeavour to make appointments to suit your busy lifestyle.
Meetings at our registered office are by appointment only.

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We will only contact you to respond to your enquiry.
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Want to keep up to date on the Governments changes to Will Writing and Lasting Power of Attorney?

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In recent years the Government have released many changes that may have had an effect on older drafted wills, in particular the introduction of the residence nil rate band means many older wills may not have been structured in a way to take advantage of this new tax break.
It's vital that you keep up to date with the latest information to help you when you review your Will.

In 2018 the Government also decided to partially refund people who had created LPAs under an older pricing system, we made all our customers that can benefit from this aware.

Many people think that writing a Will is a one-time task

There are several times throughout life when it makes sense to review and if necessary, create a new Will that better suits your wishes and preferences.

Changes in life happen, and they can often be unpredictable.
It is important to read through your Will regularly and ensure it still reflects your wishes.

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